Library is a sacred temple of books let us not spoil the books


Research, exploration and discovery using library facilities is an integral part of learning process at BVCITS. The institute believes that the quality of education and achievements are closely linked to the high standard of its library services. 
Library from the day of inception having 2,500 Volumes has expanded exponentially to 17,000 Volumes well stocked with variants of books that cater to the information needs of Students and Staff Members. BVCITS also provides 500 general books, 36 IEEE journals and 15 magazines.


Working Days : 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM
Sunday 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM


Issue Section
The library is fully computerized with database search & cataloging and offers borrowing facilities @ 3 books/ student member for a period of 10 days and @ 6 books/ staff member for a period of a semester.

Reference Section
Reference Section has Handbooks, Encyclopedias, Journals & Magazines, CD-ROM and several rare books.

Journals & Magazines
Library has hordes of Indian & International Journals and Magazines in the reference section.

Open Book Bank
Apart from the stipulated Borrowers Books offered by the Library; it has started lending books through Open Book Bank facility from the year 2002. Subscription is open during admission, through nominal payment, where a student is offered 6 books relevant to the subject in each semester, which is returnable at the end of the semester.

Photocopying, Printing and Scanning facility of library/study material for the students is available at a nominal price.

Search & Downloading
Students are provided through logbook and on hourly basis to carry internet surfing to search and download study material, journal and transactions of technical material.
About 30 Computer Systems are available with Hi-Speed internet with network printing facility.

Book Donations
Several hundreds of contemporary and rare books received as complementary and donations are on display rack for student and staff members.