The Electrical and Electronics Engineering discipline today is multidisciplinary in nature representing a veritable synergy of different technologies ranging from Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, generation, transmission and distribution of power, power system operation & control, their control using computer methods artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, micro-controllers, digital signal processing and VLSI Design etc. The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, established in the year 2008, has been so structured, in terms of experienced staff and excellent laboratory facilities, as to

  • Equip the students with knowledge of cutting edge technologies and
  • Give them adequate hands-on experience through laboratory work, innovative projects in Industry and Research Establishments, seminars/workshops and so on.


  • To create employable and entrepreneurial engineers with academic excellence, positive attitude, effective communication & interpersonal skills, good character, self confidence and leadership qualities and high integrity to serve the interest of society and nation.
  • To become a center for research and excellence in electrical engineering and to provide excellent learning facilities for rural and urban students and to produce electrical engineers of high caliber to meet the expectations of industry.
  • Top establish collaborative programmes with foreign universities


Short Term Goals

  • To modernize all the laboratories
  • To organize at least one add on course per semester for students
  • To encourage the students to take up industry specific projects
  • To train and educate students as Global Citizens
  • To use modern techniques in teaching and learning process.
  • To Place teaching / tutorial material of each subject on the Net to enable students to browse at their own place of learning.
  • To encourage the students to participate in community development programs.
  • To conduct summer and winder schools for faculty members and short-term course for technicians to widen their knowledge base and deepen their understanding of the latest trends and developments in field of Electrical Engineering.

Long Term Goals

  • To start a P.G programs in the department of Electrical Engineering
  • To establish State of the art research facilities in the department.
  • To become globally recognized center of excellence in fields of Electrical Engineering, technology and research
  • To undertake research and development works in leading technologies by forging alliances with various research organizations and industry
  • To develop consultancy for various industries
  • To encourage faculty to take up at least one R & D and one consultancy work.


  • Well developed laboratories with latest equipment
  • Smart class rooms with multimedia and Internet facility.
  • Separate Computer simulation lab with MATLAB and PSPICE softwares.
  • The Department has highly qualified, experienced and well motivated faculty, where one Ph.D  Thesis Submitted and remaining all  are M.Tech  and  well qualified  technical supporting staff.
  • Conducive atmosphere for the all round development of the student


S.No Name of the lab Facilities/Equipment Available
1 Electrical Machines - Lab This laboratory is used for handling Electrical Machines Lab-I of II year second semester students of EEE, Electrical Machines Lab-II of III year first semester students of EEE, Electrical Engineering lab of II year first  semester students of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Technology Lab of II year first semester students of ECE.
2 Power Electronics & Simulation  Lab This laboratory is meant for handling Power Electronics Lab of III year second semester of EEE students.
3 Control Systems & Simulation Lab This laboratory is meant for handling Control System Lab of III year 1st semester students of EEE
4 Electrical Circuits & Simulation Lab This laboratory is meant for handling Networks Lab of II year 1st semester students of EEE